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Affirm You!

3.99 usd

Affirm You! is a compilation of 4000+ Affirmations in a list format.With over 30 Affirmation categories to select from, this app was designed to be your go to app for getting your fill of Affirmations.
Here are just a handful of Affirmation categories: Abundance, Confidence, Friends, Freedom, Home, Integrity, Marriage, and Respect to name just a few.
Just think of this app as your very own Affirmation directory. No matter your need, you will be hard pressed to NOT find an app that applies to your situation.
Need help with remaining positive? >> There's an Affirmation category that.
Need help with focusing your emotions? >> There's an Affirmation category for that.
Or perhaps you need assistance with improving your outlook on your health? >> There's an Affirmation category for that.
So let's get on the same page here!!! This app contains OVER 4000+ Affirmations. It have 2 BONUS categories *Affirmations for Children* and *Hip Hop Affirmations*!!! It also has a Mini Vision Board Slider.
Affirmations for Children provides you with over 100 ways for your child to Affirm themselves.
Hip Hop Affirmations is a list of Affirmations taken from popular and not so popular Hip Hop songs. These Affirmations are gems that have always been there, however, without the proper forum, they have never been digested how they should.
The Mini Vision Board Slider is included to help you visualize images and put affirmations to them.
#1 This app is scheduled to update at least 2 times a year which basically means more affirmations for you to put into action.
#2 Once you purchase and install your app, that's it. This app was developed to run independently from your device. What does this mean? NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED TO RUN THIS APP!!! PERIOD!!!
So what are you waiting for? The Affirm You! App was made JUST for you!!!
: A Note From The App's Creator :
I really had a great time with putting this app together for you. It is my intent that the Affirm You! App assist you on your life's journey of improvement. Sometimes we all need a little assistance. So here is your assistance!
Take Care and Affirm YOU!